Library of Congress,Famous Reuse Artist

Library of Congress,Famous Reuse Artist


January 1 2011

 World Famous Recycling Artists In the World, Hongkongwillie born for reuse.
WILL YOU EVER For Get The Name Hongkongwillie   
Famous Reuse Art. Tampa Art Galleries Hongkongwillie Art. 
Happy New Year 2010
Artist Born for this time, Lived on a landfill as a child. Reuse Became the way of life. To read the story from the inception of the Name Hongkongwillie. Famed, by the humble statements form the Key West Citizen, viable art from reuse has found its time. To Live a life in the art world and be so blessed to make a social impact. Artists are to give back, talent is to tell a story, to make change. Reuse is a life experience. To think now of the past and the story of Hongkongwillie, Why i have to say it was for a reason.
Hongkongwillie Art Gallery In Tampa, a reuse Art Gallery. Artist Kim,Derek,and Joseph. reuse artist that have lived the life and are meant for the green movement in the world. A gallery that was born for this time. Artist living a freegan life,art that makes a social statement of reuse. Media that has a profound effect in making the word green truly a movement of reuse in the world today and the future.
Reuse artist.
Famous Recycling Artists,Hongkongwillie
Library of Congress,Famous Reuse Artist

Famous Recycling Artists

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Library of Congress

Famous Reuse Artist

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Black Bird of Key Largo

Tampa Art Galleries Hongkongwillie Art Gallery
$98,000.00 USD

Black Bird of Key Largo

“Black Bird of Key Largo”
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The allurement of the winds blowing in the palm trees and the moon shining through and the “Black Bird of Key Largo” looking upon.
Hong Kong Willie
**HONG KONG WILLIE artist Kim Brown, chose aged Florida sawmill stock as canvas. Recovered Brass Hanger: Key West lobster trap rigging. Originally connects and suspends rigging of spiny lobster traps in Key West waters. Candy-like appearance due to multiple protective layers. Assigned number in artist register by Fisherman ID tag, corresponding burn-etched # rear of piece. Key recovered by Robert Jordan, acclaimed treasure hunter: also in identification of piece and artist.
*Prior to shipping, final coating will be applied to each piece.
24″ L
8″ W
4″ H
Weight: 17+ LB
Green Art For Sale

Dorado The Dolphin


Hong Kong Wilie Art

Famous Recycling Artists

Tampa Art Gallery



Smugglers Cove – Original Preservation Art – Hong Kong Willie Key West Art


Indian Dreams – Hong Kong Willie – Original Art

$4400.00 USD

Indian Dreams - Hong Kong Willie - Original Art

Indian Dreams – Hong Kong Willie – Original Art
Tampa Artist,Famous Tampa Artist. Famous Recycling Artists
Recycling as a Lifestyle and a Business
Chris Futrell, Florida Focus

TAMPA, Fla. – Have you ever seen the building on the corner of Fletcher and I-75 with a bunch of buoys strung everywhere? This small business that many think is an old bait n’ tackle shop is actually Hong Kong Willie.

Derek Brown, 26, and his family own and operate Hong Kong Willie. The little shop specializes in preservation art. The artists don’t take preservation too lightly either.

“99 percent of everything that has gone into a piece of art has been recycled and reused,” Brown said.

Just as unique as the art is, so is the company’s name. Brown says the name was created by his father, Joe Brown, in the 1950s.

“My father being in an art class, being affected by a teacher, they were melting Gerber baby food bottles,” Brown said. “The teacher interjected that Hong Kong had a great reuse and recycling program even then.”

Brown’s father then took that concept and later added the Americanized name Willie to the end. And that’s how Hong Kong Willie was born as a location that offers recycling in a different and creative way.

Hong Kong Willie artists are what are known as freegans. Freegans are less concerned with materialistic things and more concerned about reducing consumption to lessen the footprint humans leave on this planet.

“I’m sure everyone has their own perception of a freegan, possibly jumping into a dumpster or picking up something on the side of the road,” Brown said. “There [are] people who will have excess. There [are] also things that can be trash to one man, but art or a prize to another man.”

Brown and his family carry this practice through to their art. It’s his family’s way of life, turning trash, which would otherwise fill up landfills, into an art form.

The Brown family gets a lot of their inspiration for their art from the Florida Keys. In fact, this is where the deluge of buoys wrapping around the ‘Buoys Tree’ came from, the fishermen of Key West.

“It is Styrofoam, we understand that it does not degrade, but to blame the fishermen for their livelihood wouldn’t be correct, instead we find a usage for those,” Brown said.

Brown said there’s a usage for everything, even the hooks to hold the painted driftwood, which are also salvaged, to the wall are old bent forks. Everything’s reused here. Purses made out of old coffee bean sacks to “kitschy,” as Brown described it, jewelry made from old baseballs.

“Hong Kong Willie truly believes that a piece, whether it’s a bag or a painted artwork, it’s meant for one person.”

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Famous Reuse Art
Happy New Year 2010
 World Famous Recycling Artists
Famous reuse art,Hongkongwillie

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